Research Focus Areas

SLINTEC specializes in Nanotechnology research & development to make innovative products and add value to natural resources. SLINTEC currently focuses on five primary research areas, namely Agriculture, Apparel, Water purification, Healthcare and Mineral resources.  SLINTEC’s R&D is by no means limited to these research areas as can be seen from our project portfolio that ranges from innovative rubber products and advanced surface coatings to ceramics and packaging. research focus for temp

In addition to the above, SLINTEC also conducts focused research on innovative rubber products and composites

If you think that

–          Your products can be made better with our cutting edge technology

–          We can add value to the natural resources you deal with

–          You cannot compete in the international market due to technological limitations or

–          You have a problem with your product that you’d like us to solve

Do get in touch directly with our Research and Development/ Business Development team.

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