Innovation Management

  • Step 1 – First meeting with the client.
  • Step 2 – Understanding client’s need for research.
  • Step 3 – Evaluating the feasibility of the project , availability of resources and capacity.
  • Step 4 – Forwarding and the signing of the NDA.
  • Step 5 – Proposal with the time lines, costs, project deliverables and IP transfer mechanisms.
  • Step 6 –  Signing the research agreement.
  • Step 7 –  Commencement of research.

Cost of Research

Total cost of research depends on the complexity of the project , length ,usage of instruments and scientists. There are two components for costing.

  1.  Cost of research
  2. Cost of IP / know how generation & Transfer

IP / Know how transfer

SLINTEC IP Policy outlines 3 arrangements

Non-exclusive rights

  • IP owned by SLINTEC.
  • SLINTEC will reserve the right to license the invention to other parties.
  • SLINTEC will not license the invention to a third party on more favorable terms than what offered to the original client.
  • The price will include an annual royalty.

Exclusive rights

  • IP owned by SLINTEC.
  • Exclusivity will be granted for a specific duration.
  • The purpose and the territory of license will be negotiated with the client.
  • Price paid by the client will include a one-off payment and an annual royalty.

Outright sale of the IP

  • IP will be transferred to the client.
  • Price of transfer will be upon market valuation of the innovation (one-off payment).