Analytical Services and Fee Structure


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – HITACHI SU6600

SLINTEC uses the Hitachi SU6600 Analytical Variable Pressure FE-SEM. Hitachi SU 6600 is a versatile SEM allowing observation of a wide range of materials at high resolution. It utilizes advanced Variable Pressure (VP) technology and an improved Schottky field emission electron source that provides exceptional imaging characteristics and high probe current with great stability.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) – Park XE 100

The AFM used at SLINTEC is the Park Systems XE-100. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM ) is a scanning probe imaging technique allowing observation with atomic level resolution and study the physical properties such as mechanical, magnetic, electrical and the force measurements in a wide range of materials.

FT-IR Spectrophotometer – Bruker Vertex80 coupled with Ram-FT -module (RAM II) and with FT-IR Mmicroscope (HYPERION)

The instrument comprises these major components:
FT-IR Vertex 80, FT-IR Microscope (Hyperion), Raman Spectrophotometer (RAM II)

Particle size analyzer: Marlven Zetasizer Nano ZS

This Zetasizer nano range instrument is capable of measuring three characteristics of particles or molecules in a liquid medium.

Brucker D8 Focus X-ray Diffractometer

X-ray diffraction is a non-destructive indispensible method for characterisation of a wide range of solid materials including metals, minerals, polymers,
pigments catalysts, plastics, pharmaceuticals, thin-film coatings, ceramics, solar cells and semiconductors.

SHIMADZU UV-3600, UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometers

The UV-3600, a successor model to the UV-3150/3101, is designed for the measurement of liquid samples, while the SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV is mainly designed for the measurement of solid samples. Both these capabilities exist at SLINTEC.

Olympus BX microscopy system

Two systems are in place BX 51 and BX 61 from Olympus, Japan. These systems are to support preliminary investigations of samples etc. prior to detailed characterization. BX 61 is completely motorized system with a computer interface.

The Agilent E4991A (RF Impedance/Material Analyzer)

The Agilent E4991A (RF Impedance/Material Analyzer) is capable of taking impedance, dielectric and magnetic measurements of RF devices, dielectric materials and magnetic materials. It is equipped with the following features to develop and evaluate RF devices and materials in a frequency spectrum of 1 MHz to 3 GHz.

Laboratory Scale Internal Mixer: Haake PolyLab OS – Rheomix 600

Rheomix 600 torque rheometer consists of three main components: rheodrive, measuring sensors (chambers) with removable rotors and operational and data analysis computer software. The Rheomix 600 is used to test processes such as mixing, compounding and plastifying of polymers under production style condition.

Moving Die Rheometer: EKTRON-2000 S

This rotorless rheometer is for the determination of vulcanization (curing) properties of rubber compounds.

5kN Capacity Dual Column Tensile Testing Machine – INSTRON Model 3365

The 3360 Series Dual Column Systems are ideal for tension and/or compression applications where tests are less than 50 kN (11,250 lbf ). The 3360 Series Dual Column testing systems provide simplicity, performance, and affordability for quality control and product testing.