• A process for preparation of carbon nanotubes from vein graphite: US patent application filed April, 2010
  • Compositions for sustained release of agricultural macronutrients and processes thereof: US patent application filed June, 2010; PCT filed June, 2011
  • Cellulose based sustained release macronutrient composition for fertilizer application: US patent application filed June, 2010; PCT filed June, 2011
  • Process for making reinforcing elastomer-clay nanocomposites: US patent application filed June, 2010
  • Process for preparation of nanoparticles from magnetite ore: US patent application filed July, 2010
  • Nanotechnology Based Sensor Unit: Sri Lanka Patent application filed May, 2011.
  • A composition for stain and odour removal from bio-polymeric fabrics and a process thereof: Sri Lanka Patent application filed August, 2011.
  • Composition and method for sustained release of agricultural macronutrients: Attorney Docket Number 058361/422361, filed June, 2010.

Strategic Focus on Intellectual Property

SLINTEC is in the business of generating value by creating, selling and licensing Intellectual Property (IP) and knowhow.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual Property defined in lay person’s terms refers to creations made by the exercise of one’s mind or intellectual faculties. Law has broadly defined four different categories of Intellectual Property namely, Patents, Copyright, Industrial Designs and Trade Marks. SLINTEC to date has filed several patents in the areas of Plant Nutrients, Nano-materials, Nano-composites, Advanced Fabric/Textiles and Health Monitoring.

What are Patents?

Patents include a bundle of rights granted to an inventor by law to utilize and/or commercialize an invention. Patents have value attached to it and can be sold or licensed. The rights of a Patent holder shall include the following exclusive rights granted by law for a period of 20 years.

  1. The right to assign or transmit the Patent.
  2. The right to license the Patent.
  3. The rights to make, import, export, offer for sale, sell or use the Patent.
  4. The right to stop others from making, importing, exporting, offering for sale, selling or using the Patent.

 Generating Value through Patents

At SLINTEC we believe that income generation through Intellectual Property and knowhow is a key component to economic growth. Patents are a useful tool in generating revenue as it grants the Patent holder exclusive rights to the use of the invention. It also grants the Patent holder a right to license the invention (product or process) to customers on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Based on the license negotiated the patent holder stands to gain substantial revenue by way of royalties.

SLINTEC to date has filed Patents both locally and internationally by making use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The PCT allows an applicant to file Patents in over 146 countries. By use of this mechanism SLINTEC has the potential of gaining maximum royalties or benefit for use of its Patents filed both locally and internationally.