National Nanotechnology Initiative (www.nsf.ac.lk/NNI)

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is a Sri Lankan government sponsored nanoscale science, engineering, and technology development program. The main goals of this initiative is to advance a world-class nanotechnology R&D program.

Important NNI Objectives

  • Develop a world-class environment for nanotechnology, research, innovation and commercialization
  • Develop human resources needed for a viable and innovative Sri Lankan nanotechnology industry
  • promote industry oriented collaborative research and development through public / private partnerships to transform generated knowledge into innovative products, services and to provide a competitive edge to the local nano-industry
  • Increase the Sri Lankan intellectual property (IP) in nanotechnology and establish a framework to safeguard and use it for economic development
  • Establish a regulatory framework for the promotion of nanotechnology to suit the needs of Sri Lanka
  • Fund research in nanotechnology carried out by researchers at local universities and institutions
  • Create awareness programs via workshops, seminars, publications etc for the local industry, academia, schools and the general public