Potential for Engagement

SLINTEC has the capabilities and expertise to develop nano-materials, nano-intermediates and       nano-enabled products as described in the section titled Capabilities in this document. These areas are in line with our research platform, allowing collaborations to be centered on particular strategic industries.

SLINTEC is intent on undertaking research and development projects for companies to accelerate the development of next generation products that will make them more competitive on a global scale.  We are enthusiastic about the potential for companies to invest in the Nanotechnology Park and build their research and business development activities around the Nanotechnology Centre of Excellence. We have the framework in place to support interested companies with attractive incentives, facilities and essential services.

What can SLINTEC offer?

  • Innovation in current product lines.
  • Add premium products to current portfolio and new product lines that will enable diversification of activities.
  • Cross discipline scientific expertise coupled with industry specific domain specialists to identify products and processes that would otherwise be unreachable to current industry.
  • Develop platform technologies that can lead to long term, game changing market positioning.
  • Provide research to companies that do not have an R&D culture and help establish this in Sri Lanka.
  • Provide ‘ex-situ’ base for R&D activities that are more speculative and high profile in nature so that they can gain the best advice and support from experts in the field.

What do you get for your investment and participation?

  • Access to multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering expertise and advice.
  • Project specific Intellectual Property for product development and exploitation. Creates protected lasting revenue streams regardless of whether implemented internally or externally to the company.
  • Preferential access to the SLINTEC Intellectual Property.
  • A commercial minded and results oriented R&D activity which harnesses the best talent, equipment and technology bases in the region.
  • Complete life cycle analysis including dedicated patent and IP advice to protect, exploit and expand IP aspects.
  • Dedicated incubation space in the NCE and preferential offering of space in the Nanotechnology Park to conduct own research in an environment geared to high quality output, high impact research and an unparalleled entrepreneurship eco-system.
  • Long-term, high-quality facilities and expert services including use of state of the art laboratories, seminar facilities and library functions.