SLINTEC is a Private Company formed through a Public-Private Partnership between the Government of Sri Lanka and six leading Private Sector companies. 50% of seed funding was provided by the Government of Sri Lanka through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the remainder by five of the leading private sector companies in Sri Lanka; Brandix Lanka, Dialog Axiata, Hayleys, Loadstar, MAS Holdings and Lankem.

As SLINTEC now plans to expand its Nanotechnology research, development and commercialization activities as well as develop the Nanotechnology Park, there is an opportunity to invest by subscribing to an endeavor that will simultaneously add value to your own products and services. The government of Sri Lanka has also allowed for a 300% tax incentive to be set against investment in research and development.

 SLINTEC innovates for investors

  • Innovation in current product lines.
  • Develop new product lines or premium products in current portfolios that will enable diversification.
  • Develop platform technologies that can lead to medium/long term advantages in market positioning.
  • Provide cross disciplinary scientific expertise coupled with industry specific domain specialists to identify products and processes that would otherwise be inaccessible.
  • Provide research to companies that do not have facilities for advanced R&D.
  • Provide ‘ex-situ’ base for R&D activities that are more long term and have a higher risk profile.

 Advantages of Investing in SLINTEC

  • Access to a unique and highly talented group of researchers and technologists, dedicated to enable technology based ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ products compatible with the best performance and highest quality available globally.
  • A commercial minded and results oriented R&D activity which harnesses the best talent, equipment and technology bases.
  • Advice to protect and exploit all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) including patent filing.
  • Preferential access to SLINTEC Intellectual Property.
  • Partnership with some of the best known blue-chip companies in Sri Lanka.
  • Access to multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering expertise and advice.

Benefits of your Investment

  • Enhancement of your profile through participation in Sri Lanka’s first National Initiative in advanced technology.
  • Investment in Research will entitle you to project specific Intellectual Property (IP) for product development and exploitation. The IP generated will belong to you with SLINTEC being provided a nominal success fee from any commercial value generated from the IP.
  • Dedicated incubation space in the NCE (Nanotechnology Centre of Excellence ) and preferential offering of space in the Nanotechnology Park to conduct own research in an environment geared to high quality output, high impact research and an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Long-term, high-quality facilities and expert services including use of state of the art laboratories, seminar facilities and library functions at the NCE.

If you would like to obtain further details or discuss investment opportunities, please write to us at the following address: