technology market 2013b

 The “Technology Marketplace” will be organized by the Ministry of Technology and Research on 14th and 15th December, 2013, for the third year in succession.

 The event offers an opportunity for Research and Development Institutes of Government and industry partners to discuss collaborative initiatives to add value to industry products through the commercialization of research findings and to better respond to industry needs.

The 2013 Technology Marketplace (TM/2013) is being organized under the theme “Towards an Innovation economy” and has three main objectives. These are-

a)       To facilitate tie ups between the Public Research Institutes under this Ministry and industry partners,

to develop value added products;

b)       To facilitate the development of SMEs through R&D initiatives; and

c)       To showcase Sri Lankan inventions and innovations with a view to securing funding to develop and

commercialize same.


Please contact the Ministry of Technology and Research for any further clarification.



Ms. Himali Atahudage, Director (TRD)                        0112374797/

Ms. Nazeema Ahamed, Director (Planning)               0112574396/