Research & Development Projects

Almost all the research activity at SLINTEC is focused on technologies which are directly applicable to solving the most urgent and important problems that emerging countries such as Sri Lanka have to address. These include affordable food security, safe drinking water, health care and sustainable economic development. SLINTEC’s founding mission was to find innovative and internationally competing solutions to these problems. As a public private partnership, its initial research directions were defined by the five stake holder companies in concurrence with the National Science Foundation (NSF). The methodology which SLINTEC embodies in its approach to innovation can be best encapsulated in the expression ‘Smart Technology on Bedrock Science’.  Four years on, SLINTEC has been successful in developing new and innovative technologies which are relevant in a number of the key areas which were chosen. This has resulted in IP in the form of patents and routes to commercialization through new industrial collaborators.  Rapid progress and success has been enabled by having the resources, established through the founding investment of the government, to carry out detailed analytical science in all the areas of research it has engaged in.  It has enabled the development of solutions to problems which have been studied and understood at a fundamental scientific level – ‘bedrock science’. The solutions themselves are developed with a view to being commercially implemented with capital resources available in a country such as Sri Lanka – ‘smart technology’.

SLINTEC aims to build on the expertise and success it has gained in certain key areas through enhanced research with a view to innovation and IP generation.  Additionally it seeks to embark on some new areas of research which it has identified as particularly relevant to the development of the industrial base in Sri Lanka within an internationally competitive landscape.