Nanotechnology Park Investments

The Government of Sri Lanka has maintained an undivided focus on growth and development and has great ambitions of making Sri Lanka a dynamic global hub in Aviation, Energy, Knowledge, Logistics and Commerce. Sri Lanka is benefiting from political stability and rapid infrastructure development such as new highways, sea ports, airports and power plants. The Government is increasing its emphasis on education, research and development and has made noteworthy provisions and financial incentives in the furtherance of R&D in Sri Lanka. These factors make Sri Lanka very attractive to any company seeking a highly educated, qualified and talented workforce.

SLINTEC intends to provide the maximum tax benefits for specialists and experts working in Nanotechnology and the maximum incentives for companies to set up facilities the Nanotechnology Park and to invest in Nanotechnology R&D in Sri Lanka. These incentives along with the environment of Open Innovation and access to the Nanotechnology Center of Excellence (NCE) will give any company or institute a considerable advantage.


Set Up: With support from the Government we have a streamlined system in place to ensure fast approval and processing of paperwork for organizations looking to set up in the Park. In addition our experienced administrative team is available to assist with all operational requirements to ensure efficient setting up, for each organization to meet their specific requirements.


Property Management: The Park offers centralised management of all infrastructure. This includes building management, security systems, cleaning, electrical installations, equipment servicing, landscaping and all forms of repair and maintenance required to run your operations with maximum ease and efficiency.


Collaborative Advantages: In addition to the Open Innovation framework offered by the NCE, the Park will include satellite offices from leading organizations in Law, Accounting, Marketing, Procurement and Logistics. These services are all geared to enable companies to move forward with their research, product development and commercialization with minimal delays and maximum convenience.


Access to Talent: In addition to boasting a well educated general workforce proficient in English, Sri Lanka has a talented pool of scientists. With high quality local universities in proximity to the Park, companies will have access to some of the best and brightest young scientists in the region. Leveraging on the success of SLINTEC in the last few years the Park is also able to attract leading scientists and professors from the world over to take up term based tenures within the park.


Country Infrastructure: Sri Lanka has world-class land, sea and air cargo facilities supplemented by its unique location as a hub within the region allowing for easy and efficient import and export. With a well developed internal transport system and a government commitment towards continued improvements, the Park is located at the heart of a comprehensive infrastructure with both local and global access.


Excellent Living Environment: With beautifully designed living spaces planned, the Park offers a unique community environment with the perfect combination of private and shared spaces. Besides being cost effective the hospitality that Sri Lanka and its people are known for has ensured that this is a destination of choice for people from all over the world.

A truly multicultural and accepting country with well developed amenities and services, you and your team are guaranteed to feel at home.