CEO’s message

      Our vision is to position Sri Lanka as a leading destination for Nanotechnology research and development. Our intent is to develop a world-class innovation platform for technology based economic development. We will explore nano-aspects of leading technologies to make Sri Lankan products more competitive and add value to our rich natural resources.

I am privileged to lead a team of extremely smart and enthusiastic research scientists to fulfill our  mission. We are also fortunate to have a very influential board of directors and a team of world-renowned professors as advisors. This talent along with our other assets such as our state of the art scientific instruments, and the support of our visionary government, we have the right ingredients to achieve great things in the field of Nanotechnology.

If Nanotechnology is the next ‘quantum leap’ in terms of national development that seeks the integration of the new and the old in innovative ways, it is clear that the way forward should include a greater degree of communication between the scientists and the general public. Clear communication of our work is necessary to keep the ultimate beneficiaries, the people of our country, informed and updated. This website is dedicated to keeping the public informed about our work and its immeasurable potential for the development of our country and improvement of lifestyles, not to mention the economic benefits it can bring to all.


Asela Gunawardena