You’ve played an important role in our success and contributed to our institute’s history of professional excellence. Although you are now pursuing other interests and experiences, we are committed to staying in contact with you. You have developed significant personal and business relationships while at the firm and we want to help you keep those relationships strong. Our alumni programming is about fostering a lifelong relationship that you, our alumni and partner alumni, have developed with SLINTEC.

“Stay tuned!  We are developing SLINTEC Connect: an online community dedicated to just that. It will provide you with the opportunity to strengthen and maintain relationships with your past  SLINTEC colleagues and friends, explore career and networking opportunities, learn what’s new at SLINTEC, and keep up-to-date on exciting events scheduled in your area”.

“Perhaps you left to explore new horizons, take up an interesting challenge or advance your career along a specific path. Whatever your reasons are, our alumni programme can help you maintain contact with our firm and each other as well as offer you support with your career”

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